Promotions & Special Offers

Discover exceptional offers designed to elevate your artistic journey at Bedia Pottery. Explore our current specials and immerse yourself in the world of creativity and clay.

Enjoy our Special Offer 20% Discount

Bring a friend along and enjoy a 20% discount on your next session!

Why bring a friend?
• Double the Fun: Enjoy creating beautiful pottery pieces with your best bud.
• Learn Together: Share the learning experience with someone you are comfortable with.
• Special Discount: Save 20% on your session – a win-win for both!

How does it work?
• Book your session via Call or WhatsApp and mention the “Bring Your Friend' offer.
• Bring your friend along to the session.
• Enjoy your discount and have a day full of creativity and fun!
It’s more than an art class; it’s an experience to share, a memory to create, and a beautiful way to bond with your friend.
Book now and create pottery, memories, and more, together at Bedia Pottery!
* Terms and conditions apply.