About Us

Welcome to Bedia Pottery

Pottery. People. Pleasure
Discover the joy of crafting at Bedia Pottery, a premium hub where art meets soul. Here, we offer a rich array of workshops tailored to foster creativity in both novices and veterans alike, from handbuilding and wire sculpture to pottery on the wheel. It’s more than a class; it’s an experience, an opportunity to relax, enjoy, and craft beautiful memories along with splendid pottery. Join us to indulge in the triple delight of pottery, people, and pleasure, nurturing your creative spirit in a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts. Welcome to a space where every individual is a budding artist, where every creation is a masterpiece, and where every day is a celebration of artistic endeavor.

Our Vision​

To establish Bedia Pottery as the cornerstone of artistic nurturing, where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can come together to forge not just pottery, but bonds; cultivating both art and relationships through a shared love for creativity. 

Our Mission​

Bedia Pottery is devoted to creating a nurturing space that goes beyond a typical workshop; it is a haven of creativity where every individual is respected, encouraged, and nurtured to reach their fullest artistic potential. With a diverse range of offerings from clay and wire sculpting to pottery on wheel and specialized kids sessions, we are here to guide you at every step of your artistic journey, fostering a community where learning is a joyous, shared experience, and where every creation is a celebration of the artistic spirit.

A Unique Fusion Of Art Mental Health & Fun